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We’re able to create better products for our customers with the reliability data we get from AlarisPro” -  Bill Davidson, CEO UAV Solutions

AlarisPro for Manufacturing

Reliability Centered Maintenance

When managing the health of a fleet of systems, we refer to "ilities" to describe the traits of a system. Below is just a sample of what AlarisPro tracks:

  • Reliability - The probability of "no failures" over a defined time interval (or mission)
  • Availability - Looking for system components that contribute the most to downtime.
  • Maintainability - A measure of the ease and speed with which a system or equipment can be restored to operational status after a failure.
  • Support - The capability of a total system design to support operations and readiness needs throughout the life-cycle of a system at an affordable cost.

Do you have the tools needed for Reliability Centered Maintenance? Technical standard SAE JA1011 (Evaluation Criteria for RCM Processes) starts with the following questions:

  1. What is the item supposed to do and what are its associated performance standards?
  2. In what ways can it fail to provide the required functions?
  3. What are the events that cause each failure?
  4. What happens when each failure occurs?
  5. In what way does each failure matter?
  6. What systematic task can be performed proactively to prevent, or to diminish to a satisfactory degree, the consequences of the failure?
  7. What must be done if a suitable preventative task cannot be found?

While the questions are simple, without the proper data, recorded and processed over time, a company doesn't have the means to adequately capture its fleet health data and implement reliability-centered maintenance. AlarisPro solves the problem by providing the data, tools, metrics, and reports to quickly help answer and analyze these important questions.





AlarisPro is the leader in UAS Fleet Management and Predictive Maintenance. We arm UAS operators, maintainers, and manufacturers with the data needed to obtain and maintain the peak performance of their unmanned systems and subsystems.   


Pioneering UAS Fleet Management and Predictive Maintenance.

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