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AlarisPro UAS Questions

What are UAS Health Metrics? 

AlarisPro creates UAS Health Metrics by analyzing operations and maintenance data to determine overall “system health”. A system’s health is determined by its Reliability (probability of “no failures”), Availability (determining system components that contribute the most to downtime), Maintainability (measure of the ease with which a system or component can be restored to operational status), and Supportability (capability of a total system design to support operations and readiness needs throughout the life-cycle of a system at an affordable cost).

How does AlarisPro work?

We made it simple for you to track the data you need and then AlarisPro builds the robust reports required to help you manage your operation. Our simplified set up process starts with entering Pilot and System information (your system configurations, modifications, and historic data for both the Pilots and Systems). From there it’s as easy as clicking a few drop downs during each flight and maintenance action… AlarisPro does the rest! AlarisPro provides reports and alerts to remind you of critical maintenance and certification events - all on your personalized dashboard. Even better, we do the same across large fleets of UAS which means you get robust reports that allow you to compare your system’s performance with others.

Is there software to download?

No. AlarisPro is a web-based application that safely and securely stores your data and information using secure cloud technology.

How much does it cost?

The AlarisPro Edge Plan is $15.99 and provides Owners and Operators with: 
  • FAA-compliant flight and maintenance logs
  • A wealth of information including alerts and reminders
  • A personalized dashboard
  • Additional reports and fleet data are available for an additional charge with our AlarisPro Premium Plan 
AlarisPro for Manufacturing is designed for manufacturers of unmanned systems and provides all the features of our other plans plus: 
  • System Fleet data for all UAS in the AlarisPro database
  • All UAS component fleet data in the AlarisPro database
  • Advanced Reports
  • Customized Reports
  • Free transfer of logs with the sale of a system
AlarisPro for Manufacturing is a full-service approach to help companies better design and update their systems using a robust data suite focused on their manufacturing operation. It also allows you to compare your system against industry averages for your you the advantage!

Is my data secure?

Yes. We understand the importance of maintaining the privacy and security of your personal data. To ensure your information is secure with take several security safeguards:
  • Firewall protected servers in our datacenter
  • SSL - Secure Socket Layer technology to secure your financial transactions
  • Password protected accounts
What happens when I sell a UAS?

AlarisPro offers a service to securely transfer all required information to the new owner. We think you’ll agree that the value of a system is increased when a prospective buyer knows they’re getting detailed maintenance logs as part of the sale. 





AlarisPro is the leader in UAS Fleet Management and Predictive Maintenance. We arm UAS operators, maintainers, and manufacturers with the data needed to obtain and maintain the peak performance of their unmanned systems and subsystems.   


Pioneering UAS Fleet Management and Predictive Maintenance.

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